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Music hello everyone it's DJ again welcome to part 4 of military force minefields this is going to be the shortest and simplest of four episodes so I'll congratulate you on surviving to this point and don't worry it's all downhill now this is the easy stuff and there's not even going to be a whole lot of math fact none no map at all I'll give a couple of forms over so that's the closest thing to math you're going to have so rejoice right alright so the last topic I'm going to cover in this series is the survivor benefit plan this plan provides a monthly survivor annuity of 55% of retired pay or less if a smaller amount is covered upon the death of the retiree here is a quick and radically simplified explanation of how it works at least on the divorce side of things unlike retired pay this is not something that can be divided elections under the survivor benefit plan are categorical as my term for it's not the legal intern foot and that means that you can only choose a certain type of beneficiary such as a spouse or former spouse coverage for former spouse is not an automatic thing like I said this is a categorical election so if you had your survivor benefit election as spouse right now you put your spouse's name then if you got divorced who's the beneficiary beneficiary is spouse because it's kind of good now you don't have a spouse so this isn't like life insurance while putting someone's name or form under a certain category means they get any sort of benefit at all so if a former spouse is going to get a survivor benefit of duty and they have to be listed as former spouse and a different sort of collection is too late now service members can be required to cover a former spouse under the survivor benefit plan or they can voluntarily choose to do so that's entirely on them now if that choice is made voluntarily then I would recommend putting that decision in writing and having that document certified by the court that only makes things easier later on excuse me now if you're going to make a survivor benefit election for a former spouse how to do it well normally when you're making a change to a survivor benefit election you use what's called DD Form 26:56 - 6 but but we don't know or I don't know more situations so it might be that you need some other document but here's the most common so let's say that you are making a change to your current election that you need DD 26:56 - 6 you're making the former spouse or beneficiary also DD 2656 - 1 and the copy of the divorce decree and if you have a separate document authorizing or stating that former spouse is to be the beneficiary then include that as well.


If you saved all your military leave time and took it all at 18 years of service, would that get you to the 20-year retirement point?
If you saved all your military leave time and took it all at 18 years of service, would that get you to the 20-year retirement point?
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